A New Way To Unleash The Social Power Of Your Brand

Published by Doriane Mouret on November 19th, 2015  

Marketers are at the center of SoHalo’s mission. We innovate to help you engage and reach in more powerful ways. We build products that uncover the hidden potential of your relationships with consumers. We want you to make the most of your marketing budget.

That’s why today, we are introducing the SoHalo Social Hub. The SoHalo Social Hub lets brands increase their social power, and see it in action. Consumers engage with the brand in ways they had never before. Marketers attract more happy and loyal consumers by rewarding their actions. SoHalo makes it easy for marketers to launch a social reward campaign in no time. And for consumers, it’s a way to see all the available offers in one place. Want to see for yourself? You can try it here. For free.



How it works

As a Marketer, you have complete control over your hub. Our automated platform lets you customize your hub to align with your branding guidelines. Once created, you can start engaging consumers in new ways within minutes. Choose what actions you’d like to reward, define campaign settings, and launch.

Sit back and watch as the social power of your brand unfolds. Consumers visit your hub, complete actions to engage with your brand and get rewards. They attract more consumers by sharing your hub with friends and followers. As the campaign grows, so does your reach and engagement. It’s fast and easy.

But don’t take our word for it. Have a look at this recent campaign we launched with more than 30 consumer brands. Here are some of the key performance indicators from the campaign:

*Source: http://mailchimp.com/resources/research/email-marketing-benchmarks/


The “Winter Big Win” Multi-Brand Campaign


Our first multi-brand campaign was so successful that we decided to launch another one. If you’re not ready to trial your own hub just yet, you can join our SoHalo “Winter Big Win” also. Please Reach out to our customer success specialists and we’ll review your brand’s application. Once approved, we’ll add a customized offer for your brand on the SoHalo Social Hub. You’ll be able to track results and experience some of the power of the SoHalo Social Hub.