Be a Social Marketing Hero  

Published by Mickey Geraghty on July 22nd, 2015  

CMOs have difficult jobs. They’re responsible for managing marketing spend and performance within the fast-moving, sprawling environment of marketing technology (MarTech). Revenue and brand equity growth are top priorities and are increasingly tied to customer experience (CX) strategy, a responsibility that is moving more squarely into the CMO’s domain. To be relevant and valued, CMOs must deliver on quarterly and long-term performance goals with data-driven insights rather than gut feelings.

Within the CMOs’ organizations are social and digital marketers — heroes who have been right all along to invest in social media channels and strategies that create reach, depth, and engagement. After more than five years of social marketing experimentation, however, cross-functional teams must now demonstrate real social marketing performance and ROI.

We at SoHalo believe it’s time to equip social and digital marketers with new and reliable ways to delight customers via Facebook, Twitter, email, and other modern marketing channels. By unlocking the power of social identities and micro-incentives, SoHalo’s innovative Engagement Marketing Platform makes it easy for social and digital marketers to become heroes who create rewarding relationships with customers.


New Research Highlights Today’s Social MarTech Needs

In Forrester Research’s recent Forrester Wave™ Social Relationship Platforms, Q2 2015 report, the firm raised a number of social marketing challenges that SoHalo helps solve as a complementary solution to social relationship platforms (SRPs) and traditional communications platforms. Here are five interesting takeaways from the Wave Report:

1.  New Strategies Needed for Social Reach. Managing branded social profiles on Facebook and Twitter is the foundation for most social media strategies. But organic posts on these channels reach fewer people now. This reduction in social reach requires new strategies to better engage more customers and followers. SoHalo provides a platform to create and manage these new engagement strategies.

2. Social Automation is Essential to Scale. Although traditional social marketers might be skeptical about automation, Forrester points out that automation is essential to delight customers and scale social media initiatives cost-effectively. A key cornerstone of the SoHalo platform is marketing automation.

3. SRPs Ease Workflow Complexity. Social relationship platforms save time and money by allowing marketing teams to manage social marketing workflows across a growing number of channels, campaigns, and personas. SoHalo makes it easy for marketing teams to launch omni-channel campaigns that motivate, measure, and reward valuable customer actions.

4. Social Marketing Improves with a Customer Journey Model. Social marketers need help with content recommendations and packaging that support customer acquisition, engagement, conversion, and retention. While SRPs make publishing and monitoring content easier, most SRPs do not use a customer journey model to guide marketers on what, where, and when to publish. The SoHalo platform allows marketers to define and guide customers on their social and digital journeys and works in harmony with your SRP.

5. Point Solutions Satisfy Marketers’ Needs Better than Suites. According to Forrester, marketers who buy point solutions are happier than those who buy social suites. A point solution like SoHalo provides unique and complementary value as a new MarTech building block that complements your existing SRP and marketing communications platforms for meaningful social engagement and measurable ROI.

SoHalo Empowers Modern Marketers

At SoHalo, we recognize you have been building your MarTech infrastructure over a long time and with significant investment. We can help you fortify your modern marketing capabilities to more easily guide customer journeys which acquire, engage, and convert. This diagram illustrates how SoHalo’s Engagement Marketing Platform fits cooperatively within a typical enterprise marketing environment to achieve better results:


Now, let’s drill down into the model to explain how SoHalo complements your current MarTech infrastructure to drive valuable customer journey actions and behaviors:

Interactive Content – Publish engaging content through your existing communications channels to your fans and their social graphs to enhance customer interactions. SoHalo achieves this by enabling marketers to create SoHalo Offers, which are rewarded calls-to-action for customers to complete on social and digital channels.

Marketing Automation – Connect and unify social and digital identities with SoHalo Connect, and automatically motivate, measure, and reward customer journey actions.

CRM  – Using social profiles and graphs, uncover rich demographic data and the actions of any customer who connects and interacts with your brand with SoHalo’s Social CRM.

Social Media MarketingSoHalo Insights extends your native or SRP-oriented publishing and analytics for improving and reporting social engagement results.

Loyalty / Referral / Gamification  – Encourage customers to complete SoHalo Offers with SoHalo Rewards, micro-incentives such as loyalty points, gift cards, “thank you’s”, and more.

In short, SoHalo is essential for enhancing your engagement marketing efforts as a complement to SRPs and your current MarTech infrastructure. To stay up-to-date, connect with us on Twitter and Facebook. Subscribe to receive SoHalo news and best practices by providing your email address under “Newsletter Signup” in the right column. We’re committed to helping you become a marketing hero who delights customers and unlocks more value from social engagement!