Campus and SoHalo Help Brands Build Valuable Student Connections with CollegeFest Social Hub

Published by Rick Sichel on September 4th, 2015  

Every fall, The Campus Agency throws a huge, back-to-school party at Boston’s historic Fenway Park. CollegeFest is celebrating its 30th year this week with over 80 participating vendors. For Boston-area college students, it’s an opportunity to engage with brands and create new memories.

Students attend CollegeFest to see what’s new, participate in games and contests with new friends, listen to live music, and walk away with meaningful experiences and perks. For this year’s event, Campus and SoHalo collaborated to launch the CollegeFest Social Hub – the first marketing platform of its kind for brands to engage students before, during, and after a marquee event.

Three Easy Steps to Participate in the CollegeFest Social Hub

CollegeFest 3 Steps

  1. Students connect their social network accounts to the CollegeFest Social Hub at no cost to participate.
  1. Students engage socially with more than 30 offers provided by local and national brands to earn points.
  1. Students’ accumulate points for a chance to win 142 prizes based on top point leaders and sweepstakes.

The CollegeFest Social Hub experience is engaging and valuable for students and brands, including Blue Cross of Massachusetts, Boston Celtics, Dunkin Donuts, Hint Water, Jeep, T-Mobile, Skullcandy, Uber, Wachusett Ski Resort, XFINITY, and more!

Example: CollegeFest Social Hub Offer for Dunkin Donuts


Elevating the CollegeFest Experience and Business Impact

CollegeFest is a single day lifestyle event that brings together influential students, established and emerging brands, and live performances at Fenway Park. Brands and businesses gain direct in-person access to a new generation of socially savvy consumers. But how could brands capitalize even further on this iconic live event?

The Campus team had a number of requests for SoHalo, asking us to recommend how to enhance their single-day CollegeFest event including:

  • Offering their B2B clients new sources of engagement
  • Supplementing onsite behaviors and stimulating post-event feedback
  • Extending CollegeFest into 365 days of engagement

With these key objectives in mind, the SoHalo CollegeFest strategy for Campus was simple: connect digital, social, and onsite experiences to engage and delight students, while also empowering leading brands to create new and meaningful relationships with their target audience. Together, Campus and SoHalo have elevated CollegeFest Boston 2015 to a whole new level of energy, excitement, and marketing engagement value!

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