The All-in-One Employee
Engagement Platform

Engage. Educate. Advocate.

Drive Results through Unified Employee Actions

SoHalo’s Engagement Marketing Platform is a new way to motivate your employees to take valuable actions that move your business forward.
By combining advocacy, product education, and engagement in one centralized platform, SoHalo effectively propels your employees into unified
action. With clear, compelling messages drawn from your content marketing, social media, and advocacy programs, your employees will be easily
educated and empowered to do the right things that grow your business.

Launch In Minutes

Use SoHalo’s intuitive self-service
software to quickly launch your
employee call-to-action program.

Motivate Valuable Actions

Employees visit your branded
hub and create business value by
completing simple actions.

Reward & Delight

Thank your employees for
completing specific behaviors with
powerful automated rewards.

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Engage. Educate. Advocate.

The SoHalo Engagement Marketing Platform lets you harness the power of
your employees while increasing your team’s happiness.

  • Achieve engagement, product education, and advocacy in one platform
  • From your centralized hub, easily inform, inspire, and motivate your employees
  • Drive desired behaviors like consuming and sharing your content, videos, and social posts
  • Unify data silos without cumbersome IT buildout
  • Grow your business and generate more profits efficiently

The Employee Engagement Platform
You’ve Been Waiting For

Engage. Educate. Advocate. Screen shot of SoHalo's Offer Hub

How it Works

STEP 1 : Build Your Hub

Fill in the form below to get started with your
free trial. A SoHalo team member will be in
touch shortly to get you started.

STEP 2 : Launch Your Offers

SoHalo’s simple interface lets you create custom offers
to launch on your hub. Choose an action to reward, an
image, and a description. Define the reward employees
will receive when completing the action.

STEP 3 : Sit Back and Watch

Use SoHalo’s real-time analytics to monitor your hub.
See which calls-to-action are the most successful,
who acts upon them, and how they help your
business grow.

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