Power Engagement Marketing to Delight Customers

Published by Mickey Geraghty on August 26th, 2015  

SoHalo Vision Video

We at SoHalo believe in creating rewarding relationships between brands and their customers. With so much content noise and consumer choice in the marketplace, it’s essential for marketers to engage with customers in ways that are meaningful to them and they will share with others.

I’m proud that our team has envisioned the future of engagement marketing and executed on a strategy to reinvent customer delight. Today, we’re enabling enterprises to motivate, measure, and reward customers with SoHalo’s Engagement Marketing Platform. And we’re driving significant results for digital and social marketing teams focused on cross-channel campaigns, unified identities, and micro-rewards.

Earlier in July, I blogged about how SoHalo fits in the MarTech ecosystem. Kristin McDonnell, SoHalo’s COO-CMO, recently blogged about Personalization 2.0, and why it’s key to treat your customers as a segment of one.

We invite you to learn more about SoHalo’s vision in action by watching the video above, reading our blogs, and signing up for our newsletter. Feel free to reach out to us at info@sohalo.com to learn how you can more fully engage and delight your customers.