What SoHalo Achieved and Learned with CollegeFest Social Hub

Published by Kristin McDonnell on September 22nd, 2015  


During the 2015 back to school season, early academic performance and lessons learned are not limited to just students in classrooms. Businesses like The Campus Agency, SoHalo, and a number of leading brands created meaningful results and insights with a new social engagement campaign, the CollegeFest Social Hub, that was a first for the college market.

Campaign Background, Key Objectives, and Related Research

Coming off the heels of CollegeFest, a live college marketing event at Fenway Park on September 12th, our SoHalo team conducted a deep dive to understand how well the CollegeFest Social Hub, the social online complement to the live event, performed based on acquisition, engagement, and loyalty-building objectives including:

  • Empower Campus Agency to create even more value and ROI for CollegeFest’s participating brands
  • Connect students’ social networks to the CollegeFest Social Hub
  • Engage students socially with more than 30 branded offers with value exchanged
  • Extend CollegeFest, traditionally a one-day live event, via digital channels and well beyond the single day into a year-round program

Historically, CollegeFest is a Saturday event held in the fall at Fenway Park with an average attendance of 10,000 Boston-area college students. Participants engage with brands via traditional field marketing activities like receiving free swag, participating in onsite games, and talking with brand representatives in their booths. These tactics were present and effective at last week’s event, but for this year, digital and social sweepstakes elements were added to create a cross-channel marketing experience we call an ‘Engagement Marketing Triple Play’ (the combination of onsite, digital and social media, and micro-incentives).

The timing for the CollegeFest Social Hub campaign was perfect given well-documented college market growth and “digital native” trends. For example, Pew Research recently published details about the increasing number of college students that has steadily grown since the early 2000s. Further, the Millennial Generation (18 – 34 years of age) is now the largest population segment actively using digital and social channels and devices. According to a 2014 report sponsored by ShareThis, Millennials’ sharing of information on digital and social channels translates into increased purchases both by those engaging and those influenced within connected peer and interest groups.

Phase 1: CollegeFest Social Hub Campaign KPIs and Insights

The CollegeFest Social Hub campaign is still underway and will continue well beyond the one-day event. We’re thrilled to share some initial results and insights including the objectives, key performance indicators, and campaign insights:


Download the infographic above in high-resolution PDF format.

We’ll provide more CollegeFest Social Hub results and insights in a future post as we collect more data from the ongoing campaign. To experience and learn first-hand, simply visit the CollegeFest Social Hub to browse and complete published offers. It’s never too late to go back to school.

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