SoHalo Delivers Engagement, Product Education, and Advocacy in Minutes

Published by Kristin McDonnell on December 9th, 2015  

New self-service platform fuses the power of social media, content marketing, and advocacy for the benefit of marketers and employers

Redwood City, CA – December 9, 2015 – SoHalo, a cloud-based marketing technology company, today announced the wide release of its Engagement Marketing Platform to enterprise marketers and employers seeking a unified, measureable way to enable engagement, product education, and advocacy for their customers and employees.

As a one-of-a-kind intuitive self-service software offering that combines the power of social media, content marketing, and advocacy, SoHalo’s Engagement Marketing Platform introduces a new customer and employee engagement experience. In less than one hour, companies and marketers can now launch unified and powerful call-to-action branded programs that increase revenue, engagement, and delight while decreasing costs. Companies working with SoHalo have enjoyed stellar results including 10x more interactions with their social and digital content, 75% decrease in marketing campaign costs, and 25% conversion to advocates. SoHalo’s easy-to-use platform builds upon the company’s powerful enterprise-grade engagement software developed for elite brands such as Verizon, American Express, and British Airways’ Avios.

Through the company’s unique and high-impact Behavioral Rewards Engine, a marketer can choose to deliver powerful automated rewards to end users for completing specific behaviors or offers. These rewards are flexibly selected by the marketer to delight and motivate their target audiences and advocates to action, and can include Visa and Amazon gift codes, loyalty program points, virtual currencies, sweepstakes prizes, event tickets, discounts, and more.

“The SoHalo Engagement Marketing Platform makes it easier for marketers and companies to grow personalized relationships with customers and employees. Within minutes of deployment, our solution helps inform and motivate target audiences to act upon a wide breadth of valuable behaviors. Moreover, our technology is unified, making it easier to achieve engagement, education, and advocacy on one platform and at scale,” said Mickey Geraghty, CEO and Co-Founder of SoHalo. “The end result is that marketers drive desired behaviors quickly, unify data silos without cumbersome IT buildout, and deliver incredible business results that improve the bottom line.”

SoHalo embraces three key marketing objectives with a holistic approach – engagement, product education, and advocacy. For end-users, SoHalo makes it simple to discover and feel appreciated for engaging with companies and products by interacting on social channels, participating in contests, and providing feedback. Target audiences can also build product knowledge by more easily discovering content marketing assets such as YouTube videos, blog posts, and sales sheets, and demonstrating their knowledge and purchase intent through quizzes and polls. The SoHalo platform also simplifies managing customer advocacy and brand ambassador programs by encouraging and tracking referrals, amplified posts, and product reviews.

Through SoHalo, companies launch their own centralized branded landing pages called “Engagement Hubs,” where end-users engage with marketers’ calls-to-action.  On the back-end, the SoHalo platform automatically unifies an end user’s social and digital identities and behaviors into a single record, without IT assistance. From this unified view, marketers can trigger automated personalized 1-to-1 remarketing campaigns from the SoHalo platform or via integrations with other systems including CRM systems and IBM’s Marketing Cloud and Universal Behavior Exchange (UBX).

With SoHalo Engagement Hubs, marketers now have the ability to centralize important content, unify social and digital identities, and create data-driven marketing behaviors — at an affordable price and without needing IT resources.

To learn more, go to to “Request a Free Trial” of a SoHalo Engagement Hub or get more information about SoHalo’s offering.

About SoHalo
SoHalo’s Engagement Marketing Platform empowers digital marketers to engage and educate customers, employees, and advocates. By motivating, measuring, and rewarding target audiences’ social and digital actions, companies can drive up to 10X higher engagement, 2X more revenue per customer, and 8X ROI. SoHalo serves brands and enterprises in eight countries and has delivered four million campaigns worldwide. Founded in 2011 by a team of marketing, SaaS, commerce, and social media leaders from Silicon Valley, SoHalo is headquartered in Redwood City, California with international patents pending. More:

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