SoHalo Engagement Marketing Platform with IBM’s UBX

Published by Kristin McDonnell on October 7th, 2015  

Increase IBM Marketing Cloud Personalization with Your Customers’ Social Behaviors and Social CRM Data. 


Customers today are increasingly interacting with brands through social channels such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.  As part of this deeper relationship, customers expect brands to unify these digital and social identities and behaviors and reflect a single customer view in their communications. However, to date, marketers who want to integrate social  channel data into traditional marketing campaigns have faced a variety of obstacles, including:

  • Collecting and unifying customers’ social behaviors and identities to create a single social customer record
  • Connecting siloed marketing systems to join customers’ traditional and social records into one actionable view
  • Using social channel behaviors to deliver highly personalized experiences that delight and motivate customers

If you’re looking to increase customer engagement, personalization, and satisfaction, you want to demonstrate a 360-degree understanding of your customers that includes their social channel identities and behaviors.

SoHalo’s Engagement Marketing Platform integrated with IBM’s Universal Behavior Exchange (UBX) makes it easy to deliver highly personalized IBM Marketing Cloud campaigns that reflect your customers’ social activities. By automating the collection of social data and triggering IBM Marketing Cloud events based upon your customers’ social behaviors, SoHalo and UBX unlock the power of the social channel for your marketing campaigns.

Social behaviors that SoHalo publishes to IBM UBX to trigger IBM Marketing Cloud events:

  • Facebook: Connect FB Account, Like Your Brand’s FB Page, Like Your Brand’s FB Post
  • Instagram: Connect Instagram Account, Follow Your Brand, Use Your Brand’s Hashtag
  • Twitter: Connect Twitter Account, Follow Your Brand, Retweet Your Brand, Mention Your Brand

SoHalo empowers digital and social marketers to create higher value customers while collecting opted-in social identities and behaviors into a powerful social CRM. With IBM UBX, SoHalo powers IBM Marketing Cloud solutions, such as Silverpop and IBM Campaign, with social behavior trigger events. This unified customer view makes it easy to market in new and engaging ways that incorporate customers’ social behaviors and identities.

IBM UBX and SoHalo’s Engagement Platform enables marketers to:

  • Quickly create and deploy social calls-to-action that build more customer touchpoints and insights
  • Collect and integrate social IDs and behaviors to increase IBM Marketing Cloud personalization
  • Create higher-value customers while increasing engagement and reducing marketing spend

SoHalo Engagement Marketing Platform features include:

CONNECT: Instantly connect more personally with customers and their social and digital identities across all channels with SoHalo Connect

OFFERS: Motivate customers with SoHalo Offers, compelling calls-to-action that amplify word-of-mouth and engagement

REWARDS: Provide micro- incentives and recognition to customers automatically with SoHalo Rewards

INSIGHTS: Uncover rich customer data including identities, behaviors, demographics, and value scoring with SoHalo Insights

SOCIAL CRM: Build a social system of record with SoHalo Social CRM to complement your existing CRM for true 1-to-1 marketing

TARGET: Activate, track, and optimize customer segments through multiple channels with SoHalo Targeting

To learn more about SoHalo’s integration with IBM UBX, see SoHalo’s solution overview and details in IBM’s Global Solutions Directory. For more information about SoHalo, watch our video or contact us at 650-272-0742, email, or visit