SoHalo Launches Next-Generation Unified Identity Solution

Published by Kristin McDonnell on September 29th, 2014  

SaaS Marketing-Loyalty Platform Company Connects Social Sign-In to World-Class Rewards Engine

PALO ALTO, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–SoHalo, the leading SaaS marketing-loyalty platform company that empowers enterprise marketers to drive valuable customer digital actions on any channel for any reward, today announced the launch of Unified Identity, an easy to use, social log-in solution to increase and simplify loyalty programs’ customer acquisition, member retention, and experience personalisation.

SoHalo, a fast-growing Silicon Valley-based technology company, has developed an innovative SaaS B2B marketing-loyalty platform solution for global enterprises. By working with SoHalo, major brands are improving marketing results including 14% more customer visits, 29% increased revenue per customer visit, and 10x more consumer engagement.

SoHalo’s Unified Identity is an easy-to-use and quick-to-deploy white-label software module for Fortune 500 enterprises to power robust social sign-ins within their digital sites and mobile apps. By allowing consumers to use their existing digital identities, from sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Yahoo, to join a company’s loyalty program or log into a company’s website, marketers can quickly streamline their customer sign-up experience, increase customer log-ins, and personalize rewarding user experiences through unified customer profiles.

For marketers, SoHalo’s Unified Identity gives consumers the power to choose which digital identity they use to interact with a brand, so that enterprises can provide improved users experiences in the consumer’s preferred channel. SoHalo’s solution also boosts the value of customers’ identities by integrating social identities with other forms of digital identity such as loyalty programs and CRM systems. By unifying customers’ social identities with their enterprise system identities, marketers gain a robust end-to-end view of their customers that can enhance the personalization and performance of the brand’s marketing programs.

With a core focus on providing a solid foundation for marketing innovation and future flexibility, SoHalo’s Unified Identity is the first white-label customer sign-in solution that can be automatically connected to a world-class loyalty rewards system, SoHalo’s Offers Management Engine. Marketers using SoHalo’s Unified Identity can instantly expand their capabilities to SoHalo’s Offers Management Engine to flexibly offer their customers hundreds of reward scenarios and dozens of loyalty and virtual currencies to drive acquisition, engagement, and purchase in any channel including social, web, mobile, and point-of-sale.

“Consumers and marketers appreciate the speed and simplicity of using existing digital identities to engage with enterprises’ loyalty programs and sites,” said Mickey Geraghty, SoHalo Head of Product and Co-Founder. “SoHalo’s solution advances the loyalty industry further by seamlessly extending the power of unified identities into personalized valued rewards that drive meaningful results.”

About SoHalo

SoHalo powers the next generation of digital marketing for global Fortune 500 enterprises with its robust SaaS platform solution that make it easy for marketers to drive valuable consumer digital actions on any channel for any reward. Working with enterprise customers and partners in the travel, financial, telecom, retail, and media industries, SoHalo has issued over 175 million loyalty points and completed 2.6 million offers in eight countries on four continents. Headquartered in Palo Alto, California, the company has the registered U.S. trademark to “Social Loyalty”® and has raised $17 million in funding. For more info, visit or email